Monday, September 17, 2012

Hot-head Megan, full of grace moment

Today, I took a deep breath. Then another. I am accountable to the choices and mistakes that I make, because I believe that growth is not possible without mistakes, failure and the lesson.  I cannot change or control anything but myself.  These are things I believe to be truth, but not everyone does.  I have a universal goal for most interactions with people: Stay positive. Listen. Find a solution if that is necessary.

I find it easy to be kind. I like to laugh, and smiling sets people at ease.  I am not a merry-sunshine-rainbows-and-unicorns-are-awesome kind of person, but I do believe that good is better than bad, nice is better than mean, and anger accomplishes nothing. I struggle with anger just like anyone else, and I feel frustration when communication has not been productive.  Today I decided to breathe.  I defined myself years ago as a professional, and that takes practice, but to truly handle things outside of your control takes grace.

Grace is one of my favorite words.  It's simple, and beautiful, and conjures images of flight, flow and strength. It has long been a dream of mine embody more grace.  I am a klutz, by nature.  If there is a hole to fall in I've fallen, if there is a sign to run into, I have letters imprinted in the limb that hit first. My husband David and I have wrecked every small motorized vehicle used for recreation that can be ridden in tandem. Often I've picked myself up and vowed to try to be more graceful.  Over the years I've discovered that grace is not a physical capability, but a state of mind.  It takes more fortitude than a headstrong 20-something can muster, unless naturally inclined... which, clearly, I am not.

My moment of design came with an exercise in grace.
Grace is tolerance.
Grace is patience.
Grace is keeping your mouth shut.
Grace is ignoring panic and breathing through frustration.
Grace is patience (yeah... I need to remind myself of that one repeatedly).
Grace is humility.
Grace is strength and openness.
Grace is peace.

Every day is a lesson in grace, but it is not recognized. The most important thing about this design element is the effect it has on people around me.  If I can possess grace, my surroundings stay peaceful, and then in turn I am happy.

Moment of design captured...

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